Winter Steam Spectacular

Yesterday, we awoke to eight inches of new snow on the ground. We packed up the car with camera equipment, cold weather gear, and drove to Ely, Nevada. Ely is 77 miles east of  our home on US-50 “The Loneliest Road in America”. Our intent was to go to the Nevada Northern Railway Museum and photograph on the museum grounds. As we came into Ely we noticed smoke coming from one of the train tunnels, as we continued around the corner we found dozens of photographers standing by the edge of the road foaming at a shiny 1910 Steam Locomotive pulling meticulously restored box cars and a bright yellow caboose. We parked and joined the other photographers, as the locomotive backed through the tunnel to make one more appearance. I found my place and waited for engine #40 to come out from the tunnel. I took as many photographs as I could, which wasn’t too much, as I was using a Holga 120 plastic camera. The train stopped and all of the photographers boarded, and then steamed off. We drove on to the Museum only to find there was an event over the weekend called “Winter Steam Spectacular”. Trish went to the ticket office, but the Museum was closed to the public due to the event. So we got back into the car and drove fourteen miles to Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park. The park was for all intensive purposes closed due to the fact that the road was not plowed. So, Trish and I hiked the mile or so in to the Charcoal Kilns, to photograph them. We had a terrific day.


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