In the darkroom and studio

With all of the shooting of late, I have found it necessary to spend the last two days in the darkroom developing dozens of rolls of Ilford FP-4 and HP-5 120 film. Contact sheets are next on the agenda, although I make my contact sheets on the computer by laying the strips of negatives on the platen of my flat bed scanner, pulling them into Photoshop to adjust the image and add text, then print them on an ink jet printer.


4 thoughts on “In the darkroom and studio

  1. Yes my guru. I’m still trying to perfect my digital contact sheets. We have the same scanner, and I find that 35mm curls to much and looks warped. 120 is better. Aside from spending $100s on a sheet of anti-newton glass, what can I do–punt?

    • 35mm does curl a lot. I usually place the sleeved negatives under a pile of books a day or two before I scan them, they’ll still curl but much less than without the prodding.

  2. Wow – still using a darkroom! Mine is in pieces down in the “basement” – I hope to get it up and running again sometime.

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