Graphic Arts Center Bankruptcy

This is old news, but back in December of 2009 Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company the publisher of my “NEVADA” and “Las Vegas: Portrait of a City” books filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is after they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy a few years earlier. They couldn’t dig themselves out of the trouble they put themselves into, which ultimately resulted in chapter 7 placing them in a court ordered liquidation of everything. The company closed its doors and no longer exists. The two major lien holders will receive the money from the liquidation, leaving the artists high and dry. One of the partners, Ingram Book Company ended up with the stock remaining from GAC’s warehouse. They offered me 30% of previous royalties and a continuation of my original GAC contract. I took it. I figured the books are almost out of print and I might as well take what I can get out of a bad situation. I feel bad for the other photographers who were owed a lot more than me. I did however see the writing on the wall, I stopped submitting calendars to them, and turned down book projects. because I didn’t think I would get paid.


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