Eureka, Nevada

Eureka, Nevada is a small remote community just east of the geographic center of the state along US-50 “The Loneliest Road in America”. Eureka is a well preserved mining community that became a town in 1864, the same year Nevada became a state. At one time Eureka had a population of over 9,000 and is now about 500. Trish and I moved to Eureka in 2005, taking up our residence/studio/gallery in an 1880 bank building on Main Street (US-50).  Shortly after moving to Eureka we downsized to one vehicle. Great for saving money, but when it breaks down in such a remote place life becomes a bit more challenging. Since last summer we have been essentially without a vehicle. We regularly go camping or exploring in even more remote areas, taking lots of pictures. But without a car what do you do? You walk! My daily walk has taken on new meaning since last summer. I now take a camera with me every time, whether it’s one of my many plastic cameras with film or a high end digital. In turn I have documented Eureka extremely well. My walks take me in every direction, down every street, and change with regularity depending on weather, or what I may have seen the day before and want to take a different camera or lens the next time.


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