Manhattan, Nevada

The other day we packed a picnic lunch, and set out on a day trip to Manhattan, Nevada. It was a wonderful sunny winter’s day. Manhattan is located in the Big Smoky Valley, about 45 miles north of Tonopah, and 7 miles off State Route 376 at the 7,000 foot level of the Toquima Range. There was about a foot of snow on the ground and it was just above freezing out, but with the sun shining so brightly you could imagine it was a lot warmer. Mining has been going on in the Manhattan Mining District since 1867 and still goes on today. At one point Manhattan had a population of 4,000, but today only about 124 people call Manhattan home. I love visiting Manhattan, many of the homes have been fixed up very nicely, but in a funky way. These funky homes are intermixed with travel trailers and ruins of turn of the century buildings, this makes for some very interesting subject matter to photograph. After spending several hours rambling around exploring town, we headed back down into the Big Smoky Valley as the sun was setting over the Toiyabe Range, it was spectacular! There was fog starting to form as we approached US-50, and it was almost dark out. We decided to drive the 5 miles off of the highway to Spencer Hot Springs and take a soak. Few people had driven the road into the springs as the dirt road was covered in snow. The place was all ours, we pulled up the the top spring and jumped into the hot pool. The last glimmer of pink in the sky disappeared and the sky lit up with stars as we soaked. After a long soak we very quickly dried off , got dressed, and got in the car. I fired it up to get the heater going and noticed it was 6 degrees out! We started our drive back to US-50, but momentarily became disoriented in the darkness and fog that had settled in the valley, but just as quick we were on the pavement and zipping home.


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