Nevada Northern Railway Museum

On Presidents Day, we packed up the car with camera gear and headed down the road on a day trip to Ely, Nevada. Trish and I drove the 77 miles east on US-50 to the Nevada Northern Railway Museum. We attempted this a few weeks back, but found the museum closed to the public due to an event.  Winter is my favorite time of year to explore the museum’s 56 acre yard.  Other than volunteers working on restoration projects and putting away rolling stock, we had the place to ourselves.  Any other time and you find yourself waiting for museum goers to get out of your shot.

I’m really not that into trains, I’m just interested in the graphic things you find in the heavy equipment of a railroad and buildings made specifically for the maintenance of a railroad around the yard.

I shot almost 200 digital images and only 48 frames of black & white. I wasn’t uninspired to shoot B&W, I was just out of film! I ended up using both Canon 5D’s with the 35mm f=1.4, 24-105 f=4.0, and the 70-200 f=2.8. I also shot film with a Holga 120N, since I am out of slower speed film, I kept my shooting inside the Engine House, using Ilford HP-5 and Ilford Delta 3200.

Inside the Engine House is where they work on the restoration projects and store the locomotives. I find this building particularly interesting. All of the rolling stock, engines, parts, and tools make for very interesting graphic subject matter.

On our way home I drove past this road leading across Newark Valley and the Diamond Mountains, the scene made me stop and turn around to take this picture.


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