A week of darkroom

Headstone in Austin, Nevada’s cemetery

I spent the entire week in the darkroom processing dozens of rolls of film. While the film was in the wash I was in front of the computer scanning the negatives and printing out contact sheets.  If an image stood out I scanned it big, cleaned it up and archived it for future printing. It’s mind numbing at times, but I’m always wowed every time I hang up a roll of film to dry and see it for the first time, or make a big scan of a negative and see an image big. I shot a lot with the Holga in the past few weeks.  I had run out of 35mm film for the Kodak Disposable Panorama cameras, and had some Ilford 120 film in the freezer so I shot it. I still have a few rolls of film left to process, but need to mix more chemicals before I can start the next run.

Stokes Castle in Austin, Nevada

Garage in Austin, Nevada

Private home in Austin, Nevada


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