Reflections of FotoFest

I attended session #2 of FotoFest’s Biennial Portfolio Review which took place at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Houston, Texas. This was the second Portfolio Review for me. Photolucida in Portland, Oregon last year was my first. Both events are wonderful, and very well organized.

For the truly serious Fine Art Photographer portfolio reviews like FotoFest, Photolucida, Rhubarb/Rhubarb, etc. are one of the best ways to get quality feedback and direction on your photographic work. During these sessions not only did I get incredibly high praise and feedback from these reviewers, I found galleries, museums, publishers, etc. to possibly show, sell, print, or buy my photographic art.  The four+ day session was intense, I attended scheduled appointments for reviews, plus I found roving reviews from folks who came to FotoFest specifically to find fine art photography for their galleries, museums or private collections. Between appointed reviews I shared my portfolio with fellow photographers, of which many had very good information and feedback to pass along. On top of all this FotoFest has galleries all over Houston with FotoFest shows, activities, talks, etc. Busses picked us up at the Hotel after the reviews every day to ferry us across the city. These are great opportunities to get aquatinted with the reviewers and the photographers alike. The networking opportunities are amazing, the feedback on my work was incredibly valuable, helping me to create a higher level of art, and reach out to a larger audience.

“Meet the Artists” an open portfolio with the photographers open to the public.

Roving reviewers checking out a fellow photographers portfolio.

Reviews taking place in the Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel.

Photographers waiting for the next review session.

Photographers sharing portfolios.

One of the corporate venues showing FotoFest works.

Fred Baldwin & Wendy Watriss the founders of FotoFest signing books.


FotoFest Portfolio Review

Tomorrow morning hours before daylight, I will start driving the six hour journey to Las Vegas to catch a three hour flight to George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, Texas is the home of FotoFest’s Biannual Photographic Review. I will be showing my portfolio to 18 confirmed reviewers and as many roving reviewers as I can. The confirmed reviewers are:

Ed Carey from  Gallery 291

Darius Himes from Radius Books

Katherine Ware from the New Mexico Museum of Art

Bryan Yedinak from Modernbook Gallery/MB Editions

Julie Kinzelman from Kinzelman Art Consulting

Fernando Castro from the Sicardi Gallery

Elizabeth Brown from the Henry Art Gallery

Fabian Goncalves Borrega from the Art Museum of the Americas

Thomas Kellner from the Photographers: Network

Nadja Masri an Independent Curator

Alexa Becker from the Kehrer Verlag

Christoph Tannert from Kunstlerhaus Bethanien

Peggy Sue Amison from the Sirius Arts Centre

Rixon Reed from Photo-Eye, Photo-Eye Magazine

Jason Houston from Orion Magazine

Bill Kouwenhoven from Hot Shoe Magazine

Harris Fogel from the University of the Arts

Maggie Blanchard from Twin Palm Press

Old Cars of the Linka Mining District

50 miles west of our home in Eureka, Nevada is Spencer Hot Springs. Trish and I frequent this hot spring during the off season. I like to travel the dirt back roads to and from our soak. Between Spencer Hot Spring and US-50 is an area called the Linka Mining District. This area has been a fantastic area of photographic inspiration. There are old cars scattered here and there across the desert valley, old miners cabins, and of course the mines themselves. Last weekend we soaked at Spencer and drove to the mining district to photograph.  We were both shocked and disheartened to find that someone had taken most of the old cars and removed much of the old mining equipment that for years had been such wonderful photographic fodder.

This bullet riddled Dodge was one of my favorites, on the passenger door someone painted “Bonnie” and on the driver’s door “Clyde”.  Now it is gone.

This Chevrolet rolled around a lot, sometimes it was on it roof and other times it was right side up. Usually you would find lots of long neck empties.

This old Plymouth is now gone but not forgotten.

FotoFest Portfolio

These are the images of my printed portfolio I will be showing at FotoFest in Houston, Texas March 16th – 20th

Toiyabe Range

Diamond Mountains

Reese River Corral

Road to Bull Frog

Eureka Dunes

Lunar Craters

Comins Lake



Blue Mass

Diana’s Punch Bowl

Ibex Dunes

Jiggs House

Hamilton Corral

Road to Blue Mass

Antelope Valley

Kiger Road

Snow Pickets

Tecopa Cross

Corwin Ranch

Spring Valley Canyon

RayKo Opening: Photographs by Robert Holmgren

Robert Holmgren photographed the opening at the RayKo Photo Center’s 2010 International Plastic Camera Show in San Francisco last Friday night, enjoy the show!

FotoFest 2010 Biennial Portfolio Review

My attention is now directed to FotoFest. I am attending the 2010 biennial portfolio review in Houston, Texas March 16th – 20th. I will also be showing my work at FotoFest’s “Evening with the Artists” March 19th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the downtown Doubletree in Houston.