Old Cars of the Linka Mining District

50 miles west of our home in Eureka, Nevada is Spencer Hot Springs. Trish and I frequent this hot spring during the off season. I like to travel the dirt back roads to and from our soak. Between Spencer Hot Spring and US-50 is an area called the Linka Mining District. This area has been a fantastic area of photographic inspiration. There are old cars scattered here and there across the desert valley, old miners cabins, and of course the mines themselves. Last weekend we soaked at Spencer and drove to the mining district to photograph.  We were both shocked and disheartened to find that someone had taken most of the old cars and removed much of the old mining equipment that for years had been such wonderful photographic fodder.

This bullet riddled Dodge was one of my favorites, on the passenger door someone painted “Bonnie” and on the driver’s door “Clyde”.  Now it is gone.

This Chevrolet rolled around a lot, sometimes it was on it roof and other times it was right side up. Usually you would find lots of long neck empties.

This old Plymouth is now gone but not forgotten.


2 thoughts on “Old Cars of the Linka Mining District

  1. Holga, you are right. Public art of the highest order, dragged away like common refuse. It’s more than a shame, it’s a crime.

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