Reflections of FotoFest

I attended session #2 of FotoFest’s Biennial Portfolio Review which took place at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Houston, Texas. This was the second Portfolio Review for me. Photolucida in Portland, Oregon last year was my first. Both events are wonderful, and very well organized.

For the truly serious Fine Art Photographer portfolio reviews like FotoFest, Photolucida, Rhubarb/Rhubarb, etc. are one of the best ways to get quality feedback and direction on your photographic work. During these sessions not only did I get incredibly high praise and feedback from these reviewers, I found galleries, museums, publishers, etc. to possibly show, sell, print, or buy my photographic art.  The four+ day session was intense, I attended scheduled appointments for reviews, plus I found roving reviews from folks who came to FotoFest specifically to find fine art photography for their galleries, museums or private collections. Between appointed reviews I shared my portfolio with fellow photographers, of which many had very good information and feedback to pass along. On top of all this FotoFest has galleries all over Houston with FotoFest shows, activities, talks, etc. Busses picked us up at the Hotel after the reviews every day to ferry us across the city. These are great opportunities to get aquatinted with the reviewers and the photographers alike. The networking opportunities are amazing, the feedback on my work was incredibly valuable, helping me to create a higher level of art, and reach out to a larger audience.

“Meet the Artists” an open portfolio with the photographers open to the public.

Roving reviewers checking out a fellow photographers portfolio.

Reviews taking place in the Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel.

Photographers waiting for the next review session.

Photographers sharing portfolios.

One of the corporate venues showing FotoFest works.

Fred Baldwin & Wendy Watriss the founders of FotoFest signing books.


One thought on “Reflections of FotoFest

  1. the shot of the ‘big city’ is such a shocker on your blog in contrast to many open landscape shots…it packs a punch therefore:) I hope the reviews and contacts from FotoFest have been really productive for you.

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