New Photographic Project

Ever since returning from FotoFest in Houston, Texas, I have been working in a new photographic direction. The reviewers at FotoFest helped me greatly in defining new concepts and ideas for projects. Now my head is swimming in fresh ideas, finding myself eager to get out and shoot.

My first idea is called “Where the Cowboy Once Roamed”, it’s a collection of images depicting the cowboy in the past tense. I have been traveling around Nevada searching for places where cowboys once roamed, finding broken down corrals, abandon ranches, and ranch houses, places of the past.

Abandon Ranch along the Reese River, north of Austin, Nevada

Detail of a once used corral in central Nevada

What’s left of corrals on an abandon ranch south of Battle Mountain, Nevada

Abandon ranch south of Battle Mountain, Nevada

Gateway to abandon ranch land in the Santa Rosa Range of Nevada

Abandon ranch with old car in Newark Valley, Nevada

Cattle Chute at an abandon ranch in Nevada’s Newark Valley

Where have all the cowboys gone?


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