US-50 Across Nevada

Trish and I live just east of the geographic center of Nevada along US-50 “The Loneliest Road in America”. We moved to the small, remote, yet well preserved 1864 mining community of Eureka in 2005, to pursue fine art photography. Eureka is located high in the mountains of the Great Basin Desert. The great light and crisp mountain air along with 300 days of sunshine make for a fantastic location to photograph. US-50 is the only paved road to or from Eureka so we have become very familiar with the landscape along its route.

North of US-50 headed towards Virginia City.

Fort Churchill State Historic Park, just off US-50 at Silver Springs.

Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, north of US-50 near Fallon.

The Diamond Mountains, just north of Eureka.

Dirt track and the Antelope Range, just south of US-50.

Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park, just off US-50 near Ely.

Lexington Arch in Great Basin National Park, just off US-50 at the Nevada-Utah border.


2 thoughts on “US-50 Across Nevada

  1. Hi Deon,

    Just got off work on this unholy hour and was thinking of you and Trish. Nice photos. Love the lighting and subject. Christ your good. Makes me feel like I’m wasting my life burning diesel to feed my gene pool. I suppose I’m pretty content in a numb sort of way.
    Min says you have a blog that updates your wanderings and shutter activity. Send me info.
    Are shutter and aperture extinct words when digital finally erases our memory of Kodachrome?
    Had surgery for an inginal hernia. Fuck it was hell! Currently renewing my 100 ton masters license. Really hating the Coast Guard right now.
    I’m interested in scanning film to digitalize it. I’ve poked around on internet; more interested in your thoughts.

    Wishing you guys still lived just down the road, mark

  2. Beautiful work! What a fantastic location for plastic camera photos. Your work proves that, once again it’s the photographer, not the camera that is the important element in most great works. I love your subjects and the lovely vignetting in the corners!

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