Buy Plastic Panorama Prints

All of my Plastic Panorama Images are for sale. I make all of my own prints in limited editions of 25. The signed and numbered prints are 17 x 7 inches on 13 x 19 Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl Paper. Visit my website for a small sampling of my images. All images are $395.00 each plus $20.00 shipping and handling.

Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park, Nevada.

Hole-In-The-Ground, Oregon.

Catholic Church in Manhattan, Nevada.

Ibex Dunes in Death Valley National Park, California.

Hamilton Mountains, Nevada.

Unionville, Nevada

Potts Ranch, Nevada.

Mission San Xavier del Bac, Arizona.

Newark Valleys, Nevada.

Kiger Gorge, Oregon.

Diamond Valley, Nevada.

California Trail Backcountry Byway, Nevada.

Success Summit, Nevada.

Steptoe Valley, Nevada.

Nevada Northern Railroad Museum, Nevada.


Alternative Prints from Toy/Plastic Cameras

I spent a week in Condon, Montana, at the Photographers Formulary taking a workshop from Ron Reeder on Digital Negatives and Platinum/Palladium Printing plus we went into Gum Bichromate and Cyanotypes. All in all a very intensive week. I found myself getting up early and starting in on making negatives and prints, then after dinner gong back into the darkroom till late, I was exhausted! But it was a really good exhaustion.

Palladium print from a Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable.

Palladium print on Arches Watercolor HP Natural White.

Palladium print on Arches Platine.

Cyanotype on Arches Watercolor HP.

Palladium print overprinted with Raw Umber Gum Bichromate.

Big Scans from Little Negatives

Negative Page from a “Plastic Panorama”

I’m in Condon, Montana taking a workshop at the Photographers Formulary. The first part of the workshop we are  learning how to make Digital Negatives for contact printing, then on to Platinum/Palladium printing, and last we go onto Gum Bichromate over printing so we end up with a Gum Bichromate over Platinum/Palladium Print. I am working from images taken with a Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable camera, and new for me, an image made with a Eximus Wide & Slim modified to match the panoramic format of the Kodak disposables.

Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable.

For the workshop we were requested to bring as large a scan as I could make in 16 bit gray mode. I’m using an Epson V-700 Photo scanner, with a Better Scanning focusable wet/dry scanning bed. The scanning bed made a remarkable improvment in scan quality over the Epson film holders. Using Silverfast scanning software I can make a 300 Mb, 66 x 28 inch scan at 300 dpi from these tiny little Tri-X 35mm negatives. Very impressive quality from such a low fi plastic camera makes me want to make gigantic prints!

Eximus Wide & Slim camera, modified for panoramic format.

Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable.

Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable.

Plastic Panorama Camera Modifications

Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35”  disposable cameras reloaded with Tri-X film.

I started shooting with the Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable cameras in 1992. Over the years, I have purchased over a dozen of them. In time, and after hundreds of rolls of film run through them they do eventually crap out (shutter freezes). Since Kodak no longer makes these gems, I have been trying to find a plastic camera to take its place when the last one stops working.

Eximus Wide & Slim

I have found that modifying a Superheadz Black Slim Devil, and the Eximus Wide & Slim (same camera with a different name on it). with the mask, or panoramic insert from one of the dead Kodak cameras makes for an almost perfect replacement for the Kodak disposable.

A Superheadz Black Slim Devil before modification.

A dremel rotary tool is used to take off the innermost parts of the mask from the old Kodak disposable, then I use super glue to make it stay put (the fit is near perfect), then using some thick enamel paint I touch up the edges to stop any stray light leaks.

The results are remarkably similar to the Kodak disposable.

The Kodak has a 25mm f=12 lens that is sharper in the center and softer at the edges than the Superheads Black Slim Devil’s 22mm f=8 lens.

I have also used an Ansco Pix Panoramic plastic camera, this isn’t a bad panoramic camera, a little softer and not as soft at the edges than the Kodak or the Superheadz. It uses the same removable panoramic insert that is in the Kodak. It has a 28mm f=8 lens.