Big Scans from Little Negatives

Negative Page from a “Plastic Panorama”

I’m in Condon, Montana taking a workshop at the Photographers Formulary. The first part of the workshop we are  learning how to make Digital Negatives for contact printing, then on to Platinum/Palladium printing, and last we go onto Gum Bichromate over printing so we end up with a Gum Bichromate over Platinum/Palladium Print. I am working from images taken with a Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable camera, and new for me, an image made with a Eximus Wide & Slim modified to match the panoramic format of the Kodak disposables.

Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable.

For the workshop we were requested to bring as large a scan as I could make in 16 bit gray mode. I’m using an Epson V-700 Photo scanner, with a Better Scanning focusable wet/dry scanning bed. The scanning bed made a remarkable improvment in scan quality over the Epson film holders. Using Silverfast scanning software I can make a 300 Mb, 66 x 28 inch scan at 300 dpi from these tiny little Tri-X 35mm negatives. Very impressive quality from such a low fi plastic camera makes me want to make gigantic prints!

Eximus Wide & Slim camera, modified for panoramic format.

Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable.

Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable.


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