Alternative Prints from Toy/Plastic Cameras

I spent a week in Condon, Montana, at the Photographers Formulary taking a workshop from Ron Reeder on Digital Negatives and Platinum/Palladium Printing plus we went into Gum Bichromate and Cyanotypes. All in all a very intensive week. I found myself getting up early and starting in on making negatives and prints, then after dinner gong back into the darkroom till late, I was exhausted! But it was a really good exhaustion.

Palladium print from a Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable.

Palladium print on Arches Watercolor HP Natural White.

Palladium print on Arches Platine.

Cyanotype on Arches Watercolor HP.

Palladium print overprinted with Raw Umber Gum Bichromate.


One thought on “Alternative Prints from Toy/Plastic Cameras

  1. It was great seeing these prints (and you and Trish) in person this past weekend. They are sumptious! We’re really looking forward to the show of your work here at the Western Folklife Center in August.

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