Jackpot Grant

I am a proud recipient of a Nevada Arts Council “Jackpot Grant”. I will use the funds to help create a new body of work concentrating on Nevada parks, wilderness, wildlife, and conservation areas.

The Nevada Arts Council, a division of the Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs has been instrumental in helping me concentrate and grow my career as a Nevada artist. Over the years I have been an “Artist in Resident” teaching photography and art in school districts around Nevada, early on this was very helpful in getting me into communities around the state allowing me to get to know an area and photograph it with more knowledge. Later I received “Professional Development Grants” which have allowed me to attend a Mary Virginia Swanson Marketing workshop on fine art photography, and two portfolio reviews, Photolucida (2009), and FotoFest (2010), these reviews have opened up new venues for shows and print sales, not to mention the networking opportunities at these events, which is very important to a rural Nevada artist. The Jackpot Grants have given me the freedom to explore Nevada with an artistic eye, wandering the beauty of Nevada with a camera.

Thank You Nevada Arts Council!


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