Ruby Mountains

Earlier this month Trish and I drove from Eureka, Nevada (where we live) to the Ruby Mountains. We drove the back way there, traversing County Road 101 north through Diamond Valley, going over Railroad Pass as the sun came up, then continuing north through Huntington Valley to Jiggs where the dirt road gave way to asphalt. We continued through Spring Creek and drove to the end of the road in Lamoille Canyon deep in the Ruby Mountains. With fall in the air, the weather was perfect for hiking. Packing some food, plenty of water, a storm jacket, and some camera equipment into my backpack we took off hiking with lakes as our destination. We had hiked in Lamoille Canyon before but never with the alpine lakes as our destination.

One of the Dollar Lakes.

Another one of the Dollar Lakes.

The scenery was nothing short of spectacular! We made it to Lamoille Lake, and wanted to continue over Liberty Pass and on to Liberty Lake, but we were hiking with our 14 year old Red Siberian Husky “Ruby” and we felt we didn’t want to push her too far. We all had a great time, especially Ruby, she slept for two days as soon as we got home. We plan on returning again, and again, the photographic possibilities are endless.

This was my first time out with a new Canon 5D MkII, I had just sold one of my old Canon 5D’s and a 70-200 f=2.8 IS zoom lens that I rarely ever used. The new 5D MkII may look like the old 5D but the similarities stop there, they are completely different cameras, a great improvement over the old one. I was using my favorite lens the Canon 35mm f=1.4, I hauled along Canon’s new 100mm f=2.8 Macro lens but never used it (just adding ballast to my pack I guess). The Ruby Mountains were a great place to test out the new camera body, figuring out how the new functions work was fairly easy. I now know that the other 5D I have needs to go away and pick up another 5D MkII as a back up camera, as I will never pick up the old 5D ever again.


One thought on “Ruby Mountains

  1. Wow, Deon! That 2011 calendar is very beautiful! I sure enjoyed chatting with you and learning about Eureka while visiting your gallery.

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