Nevada State Parks and a Jackpot Grant

I am a proud recipient of a Nevada Arts Council’s Jackpot Grant. With the Jackpot Grant seed money we started a project of documenting every State Park and Wildlife Management Area in Nevada, this project will take years to complete photographing every park and WMA in every season. On our first trip last fall we traveled along Nevada’s eastern border. We stayed a couple of days at Cathedral Gorge State Park (along with other Nevada State Parks in the area), we had fabulous weather and hiked every trail in the park with camera in hand. Since purchasing a Canon 5D MkII I have found that Canon’s zoom lenses are not that great.  I have sold them and have been collecting prime lenses to replace the zooms. For the shots of Cathedral Gorge State Park I used a Canon 35mm f=1.4L and a Canon 100mm f=2.8L macro lenses. Both of these lenses have outstanding resolution, corner to corner sharpness, and unlike the zooms lenses have absolutely no chromatic aberrations.

Here is a very small sampling of what I shot at Cathedral Gorge State Park.

Click images to see them larger.

Then, just before the New Year we drove south from our home in Eureka, Nevada to Valley of Fire State Park about an hour east of Las Vegas. We camped three nights at Valley of Fire State Park. We didn’t run out of anything to do and would have liked to have spent more time.  Unfortunately, the weather turned on us and we decided to head home before we had acomplished all of the hiking and exploring we wanted to do, so we will return again soon.

Atlatl Rock Campground at night.

Atlatl Rock.

Rock outcropping near campground.

Seven Sisters.

Hike along Rainbow Vista.

Silica Domes trailhead.

Arch Rock Campground.

Desert Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) wandering through Arch Rock Campground.


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