Composing with Images Press “Play”

I am very happy to announce a book that I have the honor of having an image in is now available for on-line for purchase. “play”‘ Is a Collection of Sixty-three Toy Camera Photographs Made by Thirty-six Photographers in Twelve Countries. All proceeds of this book benefit the Marine “Toys for Tots”.

You can see a preview of the book online (click here). For a limited time the whole book is available for viewing. Right now there are two versions of the book online, both are 7×7 inches in size: The Standard version with high quality acid free paper, cover, and end sheets: $42.95. The ProLine version, which has ungraded linen covers, upgraded end sheets, and Pearl photo paper: $70.95 These include the $5.00 per book that is going to Toys for Tots. CWiP makes no money on the sales of either book. The proof was gorgeous and these will be gorgeous, as well. A perfect gift that will arrive in time for the holidays.
This is my image that was juried in the book by Jody Shipka &  Nic Nichols (pg 71-72). It was shot using a Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable camera, reloaded with Kodak Tri-X film.