Lenscratch: Canteen Magazine’s “Naked Judging”

A two part, must read on lenscratch!  As part of the new way of looking at photographic competitions Canteen Magazine started “Naked Judging”, an open and transparent competition. This sounds great, I thought. So I entered eight images, and awaited the judges open and transparent critique. Out of 230 recipients the judges culled it down to 26. I did not make it past this point. My critique is now open and transparent for the world to read. Next, lenscratch picked nine of the rejected artists to share their critique and responses to them. I was one of the nine photographers picked by Aline Smithson of lenscratch (I’m at the bottom of part two). If you are an artist and looking into competitions, or critiques, you should read the following post on lenscratch.

Click here for part one  Canteen Magazine’s Naked Judging: Learn from Rejection, Part 1

Click here for part two  Canteen Magazine’s Naked Judging: Learn from Rejection, Part 2


My eight plastic panoramic images submitted to Canteen Magazine’s “Naked Judging”

















The judges critique:

“There’s a nice old Western vibe here. It’s meticulously crafted–skillful work. But if you’re going to use panorama, I think that it should be more provocatively used. In at least some of the shots there should be an activity, or something of note, happening on each end that requires you to use it. Otherwise, I don’t bother looking at 50% of each photo, and only regard what’s in the center. Also, I’m not a fan of the book-ended edges, which negate the panoramic view for me.”


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