Hasselblad 501 C/M

I owned my first Hasselblad camera when I was eighteen years old. I was going to college, and working at a camera shop in downtown Portland, Oregon. It was a brand new 500C/M, 80mm lens, and A-12 magazine, purchased through Hasselblad’s personal purchase program. But, years before I have vivid memories of assisting my father (Robert Reynolds) when I was eleven years old, loading Hasselblad 12 magazines in the backseat of bush planes, on the pitching decks of fishing boats, and in the wilderness of Alaska, while he photographed his first coffee table book for Graphic Arts Center, “ALASKA” (1971). My first coffee table book “NEVADA” was also published by Graphic Arts Center (2001), and was also photographed using Hasselblad cameras. This was the last book my father designed before he passed away in 2002.


By 2005 Trish and I had moved from Warren, Oregon to Eureka, Nevada to pursue art making. Around this same time the digital revolution was in full swing, and I needed to have a digital camera to work. I could not afford a digital back for my Hasselblad system (5 bodies & 11 lenses), so I placed everything on e-bay and with deep regrets sold it all… I purchased two Canon 5D’s and three “L” Series zoom lenses with the e-bay proceeds. I have since upgraded the camera bodies to 5D MkII’s and sold the zoom lenses in favor of five “L” Series prime lenses. For most of my color work I shoot digital. But, for all of my black & white work I shoot film. I have been shooting with Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable cameras reloaded with Kodak Tri-X film since 1994.


“Hole-in-the-Ground” Central Oregon, shot with a Kodak disposable panoramic camera.

I have harbored deep regrets for selling my Hasselblads, and have always had a thing for square images. So, late last year I found a mint condition 501C/M, 60mm f=3.5 CF lens, a never used A-12 film magazine and all the necessary accessories (pro shade, filters, straps, etc) on e-bay for less than $800.00, I’m a happy camper again!

The following images are a very small sampling of what I have been doing over the last four months with my new found (used) Hasselblad…


Silver Peak, Nevada


Eureka, Nevada


Ruby Hill, Nevada


Nothing, Arizona


Lone Mountain, Nevada


Jungo, Nevada


Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona


Ruby Hill, Nevada


Amargosa, California


Antelope Valley, Nevada


McGill, Nevada


Cerutti Wells, Nevada


Goldfield, Nevada


3 thoughts on “Hasselblad 501 C/M

  1. Good story Deon and good pictures with a REAL CAMERA. I saw a quote a few years ago to share – REAL PHOTOGRAPHERS USE FILM! It’s good to hear stories and acknowledgements about Bob. He was one of my special friends but also a teacher and mentor.

    Keep the pictures and stories coming!!!!!!

    Say hi to Trish from this old guy!

    Best – Mike


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