Holga 120S

I am asked now and then, why I don’t like or shoot with a Holga. The answer is I do like, and I do shoot with a couple of Holga 120S cameras. I don’t show them often because so many people shoot with Holga’s…

All of these  images were created during one of our daily walks around Eureka, Nevada, (this is where we live).

010110b#10 010210b#9 010810#7 011810b#6 082609d#2 083109b#3 090409#3 110909a#12 122104#10


3 thoughts on “Holga 120S

  1. Hi Deon . . .

    Thanks for sending! What is the attraction for Holga photography? A lot of people are using but always seems that when a good photographer uses a Holga something is missing in the print quality.

    Keep ’em coming!!!

    Say hi to Trish!

    Best . . . Mike


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