Burning Man 2015


Burning Man has never really appealed to me. Maybe because I become uneasy at the thought of large crowds, let alone a really large crowd in a place that Trish and I have been camping in for decades. Camping without a crowd, or without seeing anyone in any direction for that matter. In places like the Black Rock Desert we usually don’t run into people when we’re out on our camping/photographic expeditions. So, the thought of 70,000 people out here didn’t exactly excite me.


With help from a fellow board member at the Nevada Arts Council and the great folks at Burning Man,  I was given two tickets and a vehicle pass for us to attend. I also applied for and received a media pass. How wonderful is this? Thanks to everyone that made Burning Man possible.


I still had trepidations heading to Burning Man, but as soon as we were on the Playa all of those ideas vanished.


The Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable cameras were the best camera for the job as I didn’t need to worry about dust and dirt causing damage to expensive camera equipment, just take it out and shoot! Not a problem at all and I left them out most of the time.


The art installations across the playa were nothing short of spectacular! I was especially drawn to the larger pieces since the playa is so vast the smaller works of art disappeared in the landscape.


I only shot two rolls of Tri-X through my little disposable camera, This number of good shots per roll is unusual for me. I’m happy when I get a couple of great shots a roll.


Dust got the better of us though. Early the next morning Trish awoke wheezing and unable to take a deep breath, so we departed the playa for a less dusty location. Still got some great shots even though we were only on the playa for less that twenty four hours. It was four days before Trish could take a deep breath, she feels much better now and is ready to head back to Burning Man again.


Hope we can go back better prepared to spend more time in the dust creating much more art.


Basic dust masks and bandanas are a joke when it comes to real lung protection. We will be better prepared next time.


Trepidations behind me now, I’m ready to go back to Black Rock City!





3 thoughts on “Burning Man 2015

  1. I kinda want to go, but then again, like you, I cannot deal with large numbers of people. It freaks me out. You got some nice images, though, Deon, even though you were there for such a short time. Hope Trish is ok!

  2. Deon, these are fantastic. That camera is perfect for this expansive flatness. Hope you get back there again and hope Trish is better.

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