About Deon Reynolds

For my art photography website: www.deonreynolds.com

For my location photography website: www.reynoldslocations.com


My Bio:

Deon Reynolds is an explorer of both the physical and visual worlds. His curiosity allows him to find quirky and unusual aspects in the wide-open spaces of the West. Whether documenting evidence of man in the environment or finding ironies in what seems to be the middle of no where, his photographic imagery makes these sometimes harsh landscapes approachable and even humorous at times.

Reynolds’ art education is a lifelong process. Influenced mainly by his father, Robert Reynolds (artist & designer 1925 – 2002) and traditionally trained through the Portland Art Museum School, he also apprenticed with several renowned artists and photographers. He gains inspirations from Maholy Nagy and Man Ray for their abstract photographic expressions. Reynolds use of a disposable plastic panorama camera allows him to distill his environments down to basic elements.

Recognized by the International Photography Awards, Blur Magazine and Lenscratch to name just a few, Reynolds’ work is included in the Archive Collections of the Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art. He was a governor appointed board member of the Nevada Arts Council.

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One thought on “About Deon Reynolds

  1. Just picked up a signed copy of your book Nevada. What a nice find! Images are wonderful. There is a feeling of realness in each photo. Very much an artist at work.
    Thanks for the book. I will enjoy it very much.

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