Diffusion Magazine “Unconventional Photography”

I received the latest issue of Diffusion Magazine in the mail today. I was thrilled to find one of my images in the pages of this fine publication. I knew I was part of “Ortus”, thinking my art work would be displayed on the website “Plates to Pixels. But, what I didn’t realize is that I would be printed in the magazine as part of the “ORTUS Group Showcase Selections”. I am very pleased to be published within the pages of this magazine, having my work next to some very fine photographic artists.

“Steens Mountain” Shot with a Kodak “Fun Saver Panoramic 35” disposable camera during a road trip between Eureka, Nevada where I live and Portland, Oregon where I am from.

“Diffusion magazine sprang forth from the imagination of Blue Mitchell out of a passion to showcase fellow artists pushing the boundaries of traditional photographic processes. In an era of dwindling traditional publications, Diffusion strives to introduce new and innovative voices with articles, interviews and image galleries not commonly found online on in other print magazines. Unlock your eyes, and enjoy”.

Please support this publication and buy your copy today.


NEVADA book almost sold out!

I received a royalty check and statement yesterday for my NEVADA book, which is now being distributed by Ingram Books, since Graphic Arts Center went bankrupt last December. The inventory shows that there are only 495 NEVADA books left in the warehouse, out of a press run of 10,300. It is almost sold out! If you don’t have your copy yet, you better get one soon!

Plastic Panorama

I started photographing with a plastic disposable panorama camera in the early 90’s. I was working on my “NEVADA” book at the time. The publisher had a rigid formula for content and photographic style. The plastic panorama was my creative outlet during that project.

Catholic Church, Manhattan, Nevada

I am a visual explorer. I survey what is before me not with eyes that wonder what something is, but with all thoughts directed to aesthetics. Whether I am with camera, sketch pad, or walking our dog, I look at the world around me designing it into graphically pleasing ideas.

Blue Mass Scenic Area, Nevada

I like two shapes to design within, the square and the panorama. Panoramas convey the idea of the landscape so well, my eye tends to see that way when I’m in this kind of space, naturally lending itself to my mind’s ideas.

Diamond Mountains, Nevada

The plastic camera has helped me grow artistically over the years, removing some of the technical aspects of the photographic process and bring me back to pure design and aesthetics.

Lunar Lake, Nevada

You can fine more of this kind of image on my website. I sell them in our gallery in Eureka, Nevada, on-line at www.deonreynolds.com, or contact me.

Graphic Arts Center Bankruptcy

This is old news, but back in December of 2009 Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company the publisher of my “NEVADA” and “Las Vegas: Portrait of a City” books filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is after they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy a few years earlier. They couldn’t dig themselves out of the trouble they put themselves into, which ultimately resulted in chapter 7 placing them in a court ordered liquidation of everything. The company closed its doors and no longer exists. The two major lien holders will receive the money from the liquidation, leaving the artists high and dry. One of the partners, Ingram Book Company ended up with the stock remaining from GAC’s warehouse. They offered me 30% of previous royalties and a continuation of my original GAC contract. I took it. I figured the books are almost out of print and I might as well take what I can get out of a bad situation. I feel bad for the other photographers who were owed a lot more than me. I did however see the writing on the wall, I stopped submitting calendars to them, and turned down book projects. because I didn’t think I would get paid.